Bechain Dil

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Aashiq Majboor Aa
Aashiq Tote Ahyaan
Allah Saain Bachayo Na Te
Allah Sain Bachayo By Shabana Parveen Kashish TV Sindhi Songs HD
Hik Pardasi Biyo Wado Manho
Ghulam Hussain Umrani Album 5 Bechen Dil Song Hik Pardesi Biyo Wado Manhon
Jinh Manhoon Lae Moon Panhje Zindagi
Lage Tho Te Jigri Dhak
Lage Tho Te Jigri Dhak Naseer Mahar
Mohanje Yaar Je Shaher Wender
Tohanjo Qurb Aen Kachahri Bhali